Date Night February

Hey all! I’m Sheree and I’d like to welcome you to A Phoenix Risen! I’m new to the blogging game and fairly new to the online sewing world. I was lucky enough to be included in Ti’s Date Night February blog tour. Thanks Ti!! Okay, so, my husband and I are busy parents of 3 teenagers. Date nights are few and far between and since Valentine’s also happens to be my FIL’s birthday, well, lets just say that its not the most important holiday for us so its usually pretty casual. I’ve played with several patterns lately but one I really like is the Amuse Boho Dress and Tunic by Winter Wear Designs, which you will find in the February issue of One Thimble magazine. Its loose and flowy and very feminine. I decided to wear this and since its been warm the last few days, I made a pair of capri length Ninja Leggings by  5 Out of 4 Patterns . Life has been hectic and I didn’t have time to get all prettied up, sadly, but this outfit makes me feel pretty and my hubby likes it so its a win win.



You can find the Amuse Boho Dress and Tunic here:


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